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    AGCO Cannabis Retail Sales License

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    AGCO Cannabis Retail License Permits

    Applications, Violations & Suspensions

    Applying for Private Cannabis Retail Licensing for Sales in Ontario


    On Monday, December 17TH 2018 the AGCO will start accepting on-line applications for cannabis-related retail operator licenses.

    agco cannabis retail sales license application

    Do you want to know more about cannabis retail licensing in Ontario? Are you thinking about applying for a cannabis store license? Do you need help in applying for a cannabis retail sales store license in Ontario?


    On Monday, December 17TH 2018 the AGCO will start accepting on-line applications for cannabis-related RETAIL OPERATOR LICENSES. All applications will have to be made on-line.


    The AGCO is the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and now it’s the province’s regulator for cannabis Retail Operator Licences. The AGCO will regulate and license Ontario’s private cannabis retail sales stores and their operators. All owners and operators of cannabis retail sales in stores will be subject to the provincial Cannabis Licence Act, 2018, its regulations, and the AGCO’s Registrar Standards.


    A private cannabis retail store license in Ontario is now called the AGCO retail operator license for Cannabis Sales in Ontario. If you are looking to apply for a Cannabis retail operator licence, you will also need to apply for retail store authorization and a cannabis retail manager licence. All three will be done on-line.


    Now Is the Time

    Although the Cannabis retail operator licence, retail store autorization and cannbis retail manager licence applications are not being accepted at this time (of writing), and the on-line application forms are not yet available on the AGCO portal, it is still possible to get ahead of the crowd by consulting a knowledgeable and experienced paralegal. are licensed paralegals regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada – the professional body that also regulates lawyers.

  have expert paralegals that can inform you in plain and simple language what you are required to do and what your options are. They have a 15-year track record of success, working closely with the AGCO while representing clients who are making licence applications to the AGCO for liquor or defending their clients good standing against alleged license infractions.


    Is your goal to submit a successful on-line application that complies with the AGCO requirements for cannabis retail licensing in Ontario? Who better than Sean O’Connor from to guide you through a newly legislated cannabis license application process?


    Paralegal Sean O’Connor can be reached at Tel: 416. 835. 7411.


    Sean will help you initiate your application processes and he’ll guide you through the uncertainties of newly formed government regulations, some of which includes the following:



    • A private cannabis retail store license in Ontario is now called the AGCO retail operator licence for Cannabis Sales in Ontario
    • A retail operator licence is now required in Ontario to legally open a retail store to sell recreational cannabis
    • You must meet the eligibility criteria as described in the Cannabis Licence Act to apply for a retail operator licence
    • License applicants must demonstrate their tax compliance status, to show they are in good- standing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Ontario personal and business sales tax.
    • A Retail Operator will be required by law to purchase their retail cannabis directly from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) will be the exclusive wholesaler and distributor to private licensed retail stores
    • You can operate more than one retail store with a Retail Operator Licence however you must have a separate and individual retail store authorization for each retail store
    • A Retail Operator has to apply for retail store authorization for each retail store they wish to operate
    • The public notice process for residents input that allows the one-time option municipalities have to prohibit cannabis stores from operating in their municipality – “the opt-out by January 2019 and the one-time anytime opt-back-in” clause



    • Each proposed store must meet the Cannabis Licence Act (CLA) requirements that relate to store layout and its location in order to apply forretail store authorization

    • Each store must be a stand-alone store enclosed by walls
    • No cannabis store can be set up within a store
    • Each store must be at least 150 metres away from a school



    • Each authorized store location must have at least one licensed manager to ensure the responsible sale of cannabis
    • The eligibility criteria for the person who will have management responsibilities in authorized stores are setout in the Cannabis Licence Act and its regulations. This includes having responsibility for the cannabis inventory, and for hiring and managing employees
    • The Cannabis Retail Manager ensures that any individual who works in the cannabis retail market is trained in the responsible sale of cannabis and therefor will be required to complete the approved AGCO training.

    All our licencing paralegals at are experts and they understand the maze of regulations under the Ontario Liquor Licence Act.

    With their years of experience gained in knowing how to work with the AGCO under time sensitive conditions they have the added edge you need. Let us help you successfully navigate the Cannabis Licence Act 2018 and the AGCO’s on-line application process for private cannabis retail licensing.

    December 17TH  2018 is right around the corner.  Contact Sean O’Connor Tel: 416. 835. 7411 for a free consultation